Channel Survey

Channel Surveys are used to add additional steps for registrants to click through before gaining access to the content. This is often used to add disclaimers or opt-ins for your audience. 


Channel Surveys will automatically be displayed on all content created after the survey is activated. To add the survey to all pre-existing content in the channel, please go to Manage > Edit details and enable the channel survey for each webinar or video.


To create a Channel survey please follow the below steps:

1. Select "Settings" > "Channel survey"



2. Select the "form item" you require, then drag and drop it into the below blank box.



3. Fill out the necessary "form item" information and click "Active" to enable the Channel survey.


 4. Select "Content" > "Manage" next to the required webinar.



5. Select "Edit details".


6. Under "Publishing", by "Channel survey", select "Enabled". Then click "Proceed"



7. Select "Event URL" and click to copy the URL. Finally, paste this link into your internet browser to see your Channel survey.



*Please note, that once the Channel survey is accepted it will not display again to that user.

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