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BrightTALK allows you to create a direct data connection between your BrightTALK events and corresponding Marketo Programs.  

When you first load the Marketo Programs accordion, you will see an option to "Map Program Statuses" 


The left-hand side displays the statuses that BrightTALK makes available, while the right-hand side allows you to set a corresponding Marketo Program Status. 

Please Note: The Preregistered, Viewed Live, Viewed On-Demand, and Attended Summit statuses apply to "Event" type Programs, while the Intent Lead status applies to a "Default" type Program.


When connecting your programs, make sure you type in the exact syntax of your program name in Marketo. If you change the name of your programs in Marketo you may need to re-establish the sync between your BrightTALK event and Marketo program.



Once you have entered your program name, you will have the option to choose how far back in time you would like to sync the engagement.  The default date will denote when the event was originally created.


Once you have successfully connected to your Marketo program you will see the following confirmation:


If the program was not found (due to incorrect program name, incorrect channel type/name) you will instead see the following prompt:


We recommend setting up a Marketo program for each of your BrightTALK webinars and Campaigns.

For more specifics on Marketo program details, please see the following links:


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For best practices on updating Marketo programs using BrightTALK reporting fields, see here.

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