Marketo Connector: Tracking Attachment Activity

BrightTALK attachment activity can be tracked in Marketo through two different methods:


Setting up Programs for each attachment

Setting up Interesting Moments to track attachment activity




Setting up Programs for each attachment

To set up a Program for each attachment, we recommend using the "Attachment title" field:

Attachment Title String


The name of the attachment that the lead clicked on



You can have the leads routed to a Program using a basic Smart Campaign:




  • In this example we are using the prebuilt "Blog" Program template, however this is not a requirement.   You can use any template and channel you want for this Program.

  • As you can see, we are using a trigger to add leads to the Program moving forward.  If you need to update this program retroactively, simply change that trigger to a filter using the same field.




Setting up Interesting moments to track attachment activity

To set up interesting moments for each attachment activity, we recommend using the "Attachment Title" field.  That said, there are other fields related to attachments you find useful.  A list of those can be found here.

 Attachment Title



The name of the attachment that the lead clicked on



In this example, you'll want to setup just one single Smart Campaign to generate these Interesting Moments.  You do not need to set this up for each webinar or attachment:




Make sure to also set the "Qualification Rules" to "Every Time", otherwise it will not create a new Interesting Moment when a lead engages with additional attachments.




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