BrightTALK Connector for Marketo - Authenticate BrightTALK with Your Marketo Instance

In order for BrightTALK to create leads in your Marketo instance, you will need to set up a custom web service to access our API. Here's how:

  1. Ensure you have an API only user role
  2. Create a Custom Service
  3. Obtain credentials for API Access

*Please Note*:  If you deprecate your custom service, its user, or update the client secret key, then your service may break until you update it with new information. Additionally, Your API User Role MUST have the exact following API permissions:

  • Read-Write Person   (Note: In older Marketo instances this is "Read-Write Lead")
  • Read-Write Campaign
  • Read-Write Activity
  • Read-Write Assets
  • Read-Write Custom Object
  • Read-Write Custom Object Type
  • Read-Write Named Account
  • Read-Write Named Account List
  • Read-Only Opportunity



Note- your instance may say "Read-Write Person" instead of Lead.

Next Step: Choose the fields to sync

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