Marketo Connector: Getting Started

BrightTALK's Connectors sync data from your BrightTALK Channel(s) and Campaign(s) in order to allow you to track the different activities individual leads have taken.

DO: Utilize these data points to strategically follow up to your leads with personalized, tailored messaging in order to continue pushing prospects down the funnel. 
DON’T: Get so narrowly focused on specific lead activities that you limit outreach to potential prospects or build overly complex outreach strategies, as ANY activity with your channel/campaign makes a lead worth following up on. 

Prospect demographic fields such as first/last name, company name, job title/function, industry etc. allow you to craft messaging personalized to the individual user, with personalized greetings and messaging that speaks to their company, role, and unique challenges posed by their industry. All outreach – whether email, social, or calls – should utilize these data points. 

When it comes to strategically segmenting your lists, webinar activity is a valuable data point to utilize. For on-demand and live viewers of your webinars (both of which are equally valuable and can receive the same outreach), you can thank them for attending your webinar and follow up with a topically targeted nurture outreach, offering additional content on related topics, as well as introducing more product-centric benefits and use cases to push users down the funnel for sales.  You can separately identify those registrants who missed the webinar to message uniquely with additional chances to view by re-sharing the link and providing any positive feedback you’ve received from viewers, followed by a similar nurture outreach cadence to push additional topically relevant content to offer more opportunities to engage, and push users down the funnel to sales. Even if they don’t view your webinar, they showed interest by registering, which makes them a valuable prospect to prioritize for outreach.   

If you have the resources to target more granularly, additional data points are available related to engagement such as questions leads have asked during webinars, or survey questions leads have answered, which can allow you to specifically tailor messaging accordingly. For example, an SDR could produce very personalized messaging that speaks to the questions raised and/or survey responses, tying in how your product/services can help address related challenges and priorities. 
In short, there is a wide range of steps you can take with the activity data in the Connector – from very granular outreach based on a number of unique activities, to broader outreach that simply relies on more general user activity. Choose the approach that best suits your team’s goals and capabilities but keep in mind that any activity from a user – whether they subscribe to your channel, register for a webinar, watch live or on-demand, etc. – indicates they are a valuable in-market prospect that you should prioritize for follow-up.   

 There are 4 easy steps required to set up the connection to Marketo: 


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