Troubleshooting: Google Form POST

When setting up the BrightTALK Google Form POST connector, please check these settings if the integration is not working as expected: 


1. During the authentication phase - check that you have selected "Part of the URL" and Not "Part of the Body" 



2. Double-check that the Form ID of the Form is a 1:1 match to your Google form


  • You can confirm your Form ID by looking at the address Bar of your Google Form 




3.  Ensure that the POST URL is appended with the String "formResponse" and Not "edit" or "preview" 





4. Check that your google form does not include a mandatory Sign In. You can disable this feature by navigating to the settings page of your Form and disabling any Sign-In features.





5. Ensure the ID codes for each of the  custom field created in the form is of the correct output.

  • For an easy method to grab all ID codes at once, please refer to the gif instructions in the setup article.
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