Camera details for presenting

Using your camera during a webinar is a great way to interact with your audience and add credibility and familiarity throughout your presentation. Below you will find details on how to set up your camera for your webinar.

If your camera is currently being used by another application or web browser tab, you will need to quit that application/tab before opening the BrightTALK presenter screen. If this is your first time launching the BrightTALK presenter screen you will be asked to confirm that you "Allow" to access your camera:


At any time, you can toggle your camera on / off via:

Camera is switched off

If you have multiple camera devices available, you change to switch between these by clicking on the video icon on the right-hand side of the address bar:

This will reveal a device configuration drop-down (if more than one device is present):


You may need to reload the presenter screen to see these device changes take effect.
Please note: If your computer does not have an integrated webcam then you may be able to connect an external camera.

MacOS Mojave (10.14 or newer)
Apple have introduced additional security measures within MacOS Mojave.

If you are using MacOS Mojave, you will need to ensure that your 'Camera' is allowed to be used by 'Google Chrome'.

1. You can update your security permissions by opening 'System Preferences':

2. Select the 'Security & Privacy' option, navigate to the 'Privacy' tab, and choose 'Camera' to reveal the option to allow 'Google Chrome' permission:



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