Webinar Sound

If you are being joined by one or more presenters, you will need to confirm that audio is being received from the BrightTALK presenter screen. 

Please take a moment to check that you can receive audio through your Chrome web browser. You can navigate to any audio or video on the web to confirm that you are able to hear audio i.e YouTube

If you cannot hear audio through your web browser then check that your computer volume is turned up, and that you have not muted the audio output.

If you still cannot hear audio then:

For MacOS

Go to 'Systems Preferences', select 'Sound' and choose the 'Output' tab. If there are multiple output devices then confirm the currently selected device is one you intended. You can also see if the 'Mute' audio option is currently selected.


For Windows 7

Search for 'Sound' within the 'Control Panel' and ensure that your intended device is listed and set as the default: 'Set Default' option once device is selected.



For Windows 10

Open 'Settings' then click on 'System' and locate the 'Sound' options.

You will see an option called 'Choose your output device'.

Ensure that your intended device is selected from the dropdown:



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