How to create a Series

Series is a strategic tool to repurpose and further amplify existing content

Series from BrightTALK helps you…

  • Create engaging live, recorded and episodic Series
  • Re-engage audiences with automated reminder emails to new episodes
  • Optimize promotions with a dedicated registration page and one-time, Series-level registration 
  • Categorize webinars and videos at the source  
    by vertical, topic, product or region
  • Re-use existing content to extend webinar and video shelf-life

In this article, we will walk through how to create a Series. Please note that in order to create a Series, you must have a "Pro Talks" or "Enterprise" Channel license.

Creating a Series is easy – follow these 3 steps to create a Series for your target audience!

Step 1: Adding your Series details

1. While on the "Series" side-bar item in BrightTALK Central, click on "Create Series"


2. Now you'll see the Create Series form.  In this step you'll add the high-level details for your Series- here's a quick overview of each field:

Field Description
Series title This will be the title of your Series that will be displayed on the top of the page (over your hero image) and used in any location BrightTALK advertises your Series.
Description This will be the description of your Series that will be below the hero image on your page.  While this description can be quite long, please note that only the first two sentences will show by default on the page and the audience user will need to click "Read more" in order to see the entire text.
Timezone The timezone that you are currently in so that you can select the start date/time and end date/time correctly.  Note: Audience viewers will always see dates and times in their timezone.
Start date The start date for your series- this is displayed on the top of your page below the Series title.
Start time The start time for your series- this is not displayed on the page but could impact the dates a user sees depending on their timezone (i.e. if they are 12 hours ahead or behind).
End date The end date for your series- this is displayed on the top of your page below the Series title.
Tags Up to 10 keywords or terms that are associated with your Series.  Not displayed on the page.
Primary community The community you feel your Series is most relevant to. 
Secondary communities Any additional communities you feel are relevant to this Series.

Once you've added these details, click the "Proceed" button which will take you to the "Page design" step.


Step 2: Adding images and branding

Now that you're on the page design step, you will see the following options:

Field Description
Add company logo A 250x100 company logo image that will be displayed on your page below the "Presented by" section.
Add hero image A 1200 x 400 image shown on the top of your page.
Featured content section? Determines whether or not to show the "Featured" content section on your Series page.  If selected, this will show either the next upcoming content or (if none) show the most recent content.
Primary brand color Determines the color of the "Register for all" button
Secondary brand color Determines the color of the call to action button next to each individual episode.

Where are the hero image, company logo, and brand color(s) used?

Hero Image

Hero images are the wide image across the top of your page (the Title, date, and primary register button for your Series will be displayed over it): 
hero_Image_location.pngA quick note: In order to make sure the title shows up clearly, a black gradient is automatically applied across the left side of the image.  As a result, we recommend having the focus of your hero image be on the right side.

Company logo

Company logos are displayed below the "Presented by" header next to the "About this series" section: 
Logo_location.pngNote: This can be either a transparent image or a non-transparent image.

 Brand colors

Your primary brand color will be used for the main "Register for series" button on the top of the page:RegisterButton.png

Note: We strongly recommend against having a light-colored primary button, as the text will always be white.

Your secondary brand color will be then used on the call-to-action buttons next to your episodes:


Note: We strongly recommend against having a light-colored secondary button, as the text will always be white.


Step 3: Adding content to your Series

After creating your Series, you can add content to it by navigating to the "Episodes" tab.  Please follow the steps in this article for more information:

Please note: The start and end date have no impact on the published status, or accessibility to content. They are purely to communicate your intended start and end dates of the series, and they can be extended using the controls in Series, or by adding more webinars to the Series.

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