Eloqua: Setting up FastPass

If you are integrated with the Eloqua connector, the process for using the FastPass Registration feature is extremely easy:


Step 1: Allow the "FastPass Token" property to be used in Eloqua Emails

Note: This step only needs to be completed once on the initial setup of FastPass.

In Eloqua, hover over the design editor navigation item, find "Components", then click on "Field Merge":


On the Field Merge screen click the "New" button (which should be in the upper right) and populate the popup window with this information and save:


Step 2: Enable FastPass in Channel settings

Navigate to the FastPass settings page in your Channel settings and enable the feature.

  1. Go to your BrightTALK Central account
  2. From the side navigation, select "Channels" and click on the appropriate Channel
  3. Click Settings, then FastPass
  4. Turn the feature on


Step 3: Paste Eloqua token in your FastPass settings

Copy and paste the token name that was auto-generated by Eloqua in Step 1 into the "Token parameter" field in the settings (ex: Eloqua_ID1). This step is required in order for FastPass to work correctly.


Step 4: Copy the URL and promote

Copy the event URL link from your Content Overview page. When sending out email promotions from Eloqua to your webinar, this link will automatically generate the FastPass token, and anyone who clicks it will be able to go through the FastPass registration process.



Eloqua FastPass FAQs:

Q: I noticed there are UTM/tracking parameters automatically included in the Event URL. Do I need those for FastPass and can I change them?

A: These parameters can either be changed or removed altogether - it does not impact FastPass. Feel free to also include other tracking parameters like Eloqua tokens.

Q: Can I shorten the link in bit.ly (or another site)?

A: Using shorteners is not recommended, as it may cause the dynamic portion of the URL (the token) to not get generated correctly.

Q: How do I generate a regular link for my non-email promotions?

A: To generate a non-FastPass link for other promotional avenues, simply toggle the feature off in the Event URL window and the link will be updated to exclude the FastPass token. This will not disable the feature altogether on the channel level.


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