How to use BrightTALK's FastPass Registration Process

If you are using BrightTALK's Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, or Eloqua connectors, you can take advantage of BrightTALK's FastPass registration process to greatly improve conversion rates from email promotions to your webinars. This article explains how this feature works and how you can start using it:

How does FastPass work?

When you drive an email promotion from your marketing automation system, the registration experience for a prospect can be reduced to a single click, as FastPass will populate their data automatically, which dramatically reduces the drop-off and data-entry error rates. This is in contrast to the industry standard registration form experience which could include anywhere from 5 to 15 fields for a prospect to fill out.



When you are using the FastPass process, a "FastPass token" will be added at the end of your promotional links when you send emails to your database via your marketing automation platform. This token will look up the prospect's information in the background and upon landing on the webinar page, they will only be asked to confirm their identity (email address) and proceed to register/view content with just a single click.

fastpass.png     FastPass_small_upd.gif

FastPass will use the lead record information as well as numerous data lookup and cleansing technologies in real-time to generate the cleanest, richest and most up-to-date lead record during the registration experience. 

How do I use FastPass?

The process for using FastPass varies slightly based on the Connector you are using. Please see the links below for information on how to use it with your specific connector:

Marketo HubSpot Pardot Eloqua
Marketo.png HubSpot.png Pardot.png Eloqua.png



Q: Does FastPass populate all fields for a lead?

Yes, FastPass will populate all standard BrightTALK registration fields. 

Q: Does FastPass work with Channel and Content surveys?

If you have a Channel or Content Survey, the lead will still have to complete them before registering or viewing the content (it cannot be auto-completed by FastPass).

Q: Can I use FastPass on non-email promotions?

No, as it requires that the token be generated dynamically through your marketing automation platform. However, BrightTALK's standard FastReg experience reduces the number of fields to be filled out by a lead to as little as two via numerous data cleansing and data lookup technologies powering the form. 

Q: Does FastPass work with the BrightTALK embed?

Yes, FastPass is supported on both the embed and webinar pages.

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