Pardot Connector: Adding Webinar Leads to Salesforce Campaigns

NOTE: Adding webinar leads to Salesforce Campaigns is different from setting a "Source Campaign".  For that, please see this article


This article will explain how to add BrightTALK leads to a Salesforce Campaign via the Pardot Connector.  In order to complete the steps in this guide, you will need the following fields mapped in your Pardot Connector:


  Field Name   Field Type   Potential Values
Activity Message Text


  • Registered for [Name of your Webinar]

  • Viewed [Name of your Webinar] Live 

  • Viewed [Name of your Webinar] On-Demand

Activity Type Text


  • Registration
  • Live
  • Recorded

Activity LastUpdated Timestamp

Date    [Date of last activity the lead took]
Webcast Title

Text   The title of your webcast

Important: The "Activity Message" field should be set up to "Record multiple responses" or otherwise it will not work correctly.


Capturing Registrations and Live Attendees

The easiest way to capture registrations and live attendees in a Salesforce Campaign is by setting up a pair of automation rules for each webcast.  Once the webcast is no longer live, you can delete, disable, or re-purpose these automation rules:

  • For the registration rule:  You should use the "Activity Message field" and match on when it contains:  "Registered for [The name of your webcast]"

  • For the live viewer rule: You should use the "Activity Message field" and match on when it contains: "Viewed [The name of your webcast] Live"

    In both cases, the action is to add to the appropriate Salesforce Campaign with the right status.  Here is a completed example of the Registration rule:



Capturing On-demand Attendees

In order to capture On-demand attendees from your webcasts, we recommend setting up a single dynamic list and a single engagement studio that will properly route these leads to the right webcasts.  This avoids the need for having to set up permanent automation rules to capture this traffic:

Step 1: Create a Dynamic List

Create a dynamic list with these rules- we recommend calling it something easy to remember like "Webinar Activity Today- On-demand views":


Step 2: Create a repeating engagement studio

Now create an engagement studio with the below settings, using the Dynamic list from step 1 as your Recipient List:



Step 3: Add a branch to the engagement studio using a Rule

For each webcast you are tracking, create a Rule that filters for the Webcast Title of the desired webinar:



Step 4: Add to the Salesforce Campaign with the On-demand status:

Now simply add the leads that match that rule to the appropriate Salesforce Campaign





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