Connector Troubleshooting: Leads are missing in my Pardot instance


If you are using our Advanced Pardot Connector and find that leads from BrightTALK are missing in your Pardot instance, please follow the below steps to resolve:


Step 1: Check your Pardot Lists

Step 2: Run a Historical Sync

Step 3: Check for Errors

Step 4: Identify Missing Leads





Step 1: Are your BrightTALK Webinars Tracked using Pardot Lists?


While there are a number of ways to track BrightTALK leads and webinars in Pardot, we recommend using either "Dynamic" or "Static" Lists.  Both of these methods will allow you to maintain a history and accurate count of all leads that have registered or attended your webinars.  For information on how to set up these lists, please see our Pardot Best Practices







Step 2: Have you tried running a historical sync?


If you’ve already separated your webinars into Lists and you’re still missing leads, it’s possible that you may need to run a historical sync.  For more information on how to do this, please this article: What is a Historical Sync





Step 3: Are you seeing any errors in the Job History?


If after running a historical sync you are still seeing missing leads, please check whether or not there are errors on your Connector by going to the “Job History” page on your Connector:




If you see red “Error” messages or you see numbers populated next to "Records Failed" in the Job History, there may be an issue you need to resolve in order to get the Connector working again.  Most Pardot errors fall into one of two categories:


Authentication Errors: These are errors that occur when BrightTALK's connection with Pardot has failed.  This often happens when the Pardot admin that originally authorize the connection leaves your company (and has their account deleted) or has their permissions in Pardot adjusted.


To fix these errors, please have your Pardot admin "Re-Authenticate" your Connector from the "Setup" tab:


For information on how to find your Pardot credentials, please see this article


Field Mapping Errors: If you are attempting to map a BrightTALK field to a Pardot field that uses a menu of drop-down or picklists values, you may need to either adjust your Pardot list to accommodate the BrightTALK values or work with our support team to align BrightTALK's values with your values.


A common example of this is the Country field- BrightTALK sends Countries through using their full name- i.e. "United Kingdom."  If you are using Country Codes (i.e. "UK"), our country value will be rejected by Pardot, causing the lead to fail to sync.


If you need BrightTALK Support to adjust our values, please make fill in this document by either downloading it or making a copy of it in Google Sheets.  Once completed, email with the completed sheet and your Channel Name and asked them for assistance with transforming these values.





Step 4: Can you identify which leads are missing?


If you've completed Steps 1-3 and you're still missing leads in Pardot, we'll need to identify an example of at least one lead that failed to sync.  To do this, we recommend comparing what you see in Pardot with what you see in either your BrightTALK webinar reports or channel reports


Once you've done that, please contact and let them know the email addresses of the leads you're not seeing and that you've already completed steps 1-3 in this guide.








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