Channel Emails: Using the "Basic" Editor

The Basic editor is a codeless interface for modifying BrightTALK's standard email templates. With this editor you can change:

  • The logo displayed
  • The color of the borders of the email
  • (On some templates) the color of the buttons
  • The color of the hyperlinks


Step 1: Accessing the basic editor

1. Go to your Channel in BrightTALK Central   

2. Click the "Settings" tab and select "Channel emails"

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 13.40.36.png

3. Then click "Edit" next to the email you wish to change

4. Now click "Create new template" and select "Use the BrightTALK Template"


Step 2: Using the Basic Editor

The Basic editor allows for the following parameters to be changed (to see marked up examples of what exactly these settings modify, please see this google doc).

Your company logo: This will appear in the upper left part of the template and should be uploaded as a 300x300 png file.  A few best practices:

  • The uploader does support transparency, although sometimes it's a bit easier to adjust the size of the icon if you place it on a white background.
  • While we allow logos to fill the entire frame, we recommend keeping some white space around the edges of the logo and aligning the left side of the logo with the left side of the upload box.

Primary Brand Color: This will control the color of the borders of the template and for the two of the email types, the color of the call to action button.

Hyperlink Colors: This will control the color of the hyperlinks used in the template.  Since the main text is black and the template background is white, we recommend not using black or white as your hyperlink color.



Step 3: Testing a basic template

Once you've added your logo and colors, click "Next" to be taken to the preview and test screen.  From here you can preview what your template will look like (and for some templates, you can add a sample content as well) and send a test email out.


Please note:  Currently the test email is auto-filled with generic information.  If you wish to see an example with real information, we recommend running a practice webinar in your Channel with the template enabled.



Q: I need to change the actual content and text of the basic template- how do I do that?

This is not possible with the basic editor- we recommend using either the Advanced editor and/or hiring our services team to build a custom template for you.

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