Pardot Connector: Setting a "Source Campaign"

NOTE: Setting a Source Campaign is different from adding webinar leads to Salesforce Campaigns.  For that, please see this article


If you are using the "Connected Campaigns" feature in Pardot, you may have noticed that Pardot now enforces that all new leads be added to a "Source Campaign."  If a lead is imported (by any method) without a Source Campaign, Pardot will set the source campaign to the oldest campaign it can find in Salesforce.  To prevent this from happening, please follow these steps:

1) In your BrightTALK Central Account:

Click on the Channel you are Connecting under "Channels" and then select "Settings":



Then select "Channel branding"

On that page, enter the Pardot Campaign ID for your desired Source Campaign into the "Channel Organization" field (note: this should be a connected campaign with SFDC):


Note: Why Channel organization?  Well, it's no longer used by the main website (so it's not publicly visible) so it has become an easily repurposable "free text" field for the Pardot Connector.



2) Now go to your "Connector" in BrightTALK Central

On the "Field mappings" area for the Connector you wish to modify, map the "Channel Organization" field to your "Campaign ID" field. 

Note:  This is not a custom field (so do not create it)- it should already exist in your Pardot if you are using Connected Campaigns.




And that's it- leads that BrightTALK creates will now automatically get added to that Source Campaign.  

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