Channel order on the home page and the side navigation

If you are the Channel Owner or Channel Manager for multiple BrightTALK Channels, you will notice that you have a selectable list of Channels on your BrightTALK Central side-navigation and Home page:



This list of Channels is ordered by the created date of that Channel- starting with the first created Channel (at the top) and ending with the last (at the bottom).


Why is it ordered by created date?
It's a fair question.  We actually tested at least 3 different methods for ordering the list before settling on the created date- here's a quick rundown of what we tried and why we ultimately chose created date:

  • We initially tried using a recency based ordering system- i.e. by the last webinar scheduled or last used Channel.  We ended up not using this method because it caused a shuffling effect on the listing- i.e. nearly every time you loaded it, the order was different, which felt unnecessarily confusing.

  • We then tested doing it by alphabetical order.  The issue we ran here is that the naming of Channels is ultimately somewhat random- the most used Channel could begin with Z and the last used could begin with A, so ordering by alphabetical, while consistent, is not very useful.

  • Finally, we tested ordering by created date.  We ultimately settled on this because when we evaluated our customer base, on average the oldest channel was the most-used channel by far.  Also, this ordering (unlike the other options) always remains the same- so there is a high degree of consistency and predictability for users.  

In the future, we want to look at making this a customizable option- i.e. choose your own order, but have no timeline yet for when we'd implement that.


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