Adding a new Channel Manager

Channel Managers are users that have administrative access to your Channel and BrightTALK Central account, meaning they can:

  • Create, manage, and edit content in that Channel
  • Download reports
  • Manage and edit Campaigns
  • Manage and edit the Connector(s)

Importantly, however, these users do not have the ability to add additional Channel Managers.  Only the Channel Owner or a BrightTALK support rep can add new Channel Managers.

If you are the Channel Owner, please follow the steps below to add a new Manager:

1. Please log in to BrightTALK Central

2. Then select a "Channel" and click Settings.


3. Now click on the Channel managers button. 


4. Once you've selected the Channel managers button, you should see a set of options. To add a channel manager, Just click on the "Add channel managers" button. 


5. You will see the below screenshot when the "Add channel managers" option is selected. mceclip2.png

6. When adding channel managers you will be asked to enter their email. Once this is entered, select "Add managers".

Note: In order to add someone as a Channel Manager, they must already have a BrightTALK Account.  If they do not have an account yet, please have them create an account here.


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