Salesforce Connector: Rolling up Webcast Title to the Contact/Lead Record

This article addresses a common question with our Salesforce Connector around how to rollup "Webcast Title" (or really any BrightTALK Custom Object field) to the Contact or Lead record.  

Note: While this is not a particularly difficult task (and should only take 3-4 minutes), we do recommend it be done by an experienced Salesforce Admin, as it involves using Salesforce "Flows" which can be challenging to understand if you have not used them before.   

Disclaimer: BrightTALK Support will not be able to provide assistance on troubleshooting your Flows- please contact Salesforce Support directly for that.  This article is meant merely as a rough guideline to make it easier for you to achieve your desire outcome.


To start, let's identify the main problem:  BrightTALK's Custom Objects have a "lookup" relationship with the Lead and Contact record.  That means you cannot use a Rollup field like you could in a parent/child relationship.  In addition, BrightTALK's Custom objects (like most COs) are many to one- meaning many CO records can exist on one Contact/Lead record.  

You'll need to account for both of these in your Flow.  Here is a basic example of how to create a Flow to roll-up the "most recent Webcast" the Contact viewed to a Contact record field.  To do this for the Lead record, just follow the same steps but change all the Contact fields to their equivalent Lead fields.  Feel free to iterate on this as needed- this is just an example to get you started:

Step 1: Create New Flow and Flow Trigger

You'll need to create a Record-triggered flow.  For this example, we want to fire the flow every time the Contact/Lead engages with a Webcast in your BrightTALK Channel.    Your setup should look something like this:



Step 2:  Assign a Variable

In order for this flow to work, we need to identify which Contact we are dealing with.  To make this easier, we'll create a Variable to hold the current Contact.  This should look something like this:


Note: Record.BrightTALK_Contact__c is just a lookup field on the Custom Object that holds the Contact ID of this record.  There is an equivalent field for Leads as well.

Step 3:  Get the most recent webcast

Next, we'll do a Get Records against the BrightTALK Subscriber Activity object.   In this example, we are only getting the most recent record and then storing it in a new Variable called "Last_Webcast_Id".  Again, we'll need to validate that we are updating the correct Contact.  Your setup should look something like this:


Step 4:  Get the webcast title

So, unfortunately, the "BrightTALK Subscriber Activity" object only has a field for the record ID of the Webcast, not the actual title of the Webcast.  This is no issue though, as you can simply just do a quick "Get Records" on the "BrightTALK Webcast" object to get the title:


Note: As with before, I am creating a new variable "Actual_Webcast_name" to hold the value.  Feel free to use more creative variable names.  

Step 5: Update the Contact Record
Finally, we reach the step you've been waiting for: writing the last Webcast title value to the Contact Record.  You'll need to validate again that you are updating the correct Contact but otherwise, this is very straightforward:- just write the Actual_Webcast_name variable to a Custom text field on the Contact Object (note: you'll need to create a new text field for this- it does not exist natively):

And that's it!   Your completed Flow should look something like this.  For updating Leads, you can either create another branch and follow a cloned path, or create a separate Flow:



As mentioned, BrightTALK Support is not Salesforce support- so any Flow specific questions you have should be directed towards them.  However, if you come up with a more efficient version of this Flow or create a cooler version, drop us a note on a Support ticket- we'd love to see it.  

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