How do BrightTALK's Connectors de-duplicate?

If you are using any of BrightTALK's Connectors, we may sync or update leads that already exist in your system.  To make sure we are not creating duplicate leads and instead are updating the existing records, BrightTALK uses a specific field in your instance to de-duplicate against:


Platform Field we de-dupe against
Marketo Email*
HubSpot Email*
Eloqua Email*
Salesforce Email*
Pardot (version 4)** Pardot ID
Pardot (version 3)** Email*


*We will always de-duplicate against the Email field that you provide.  Meaning that if you create a custom email field (i.e. "BrightTALK email") for us to sync to, be aware that we will de-duplicate against that field instead of the standard email field.


**For more information on the difference between Pardot Versions 3 and 4, please see this article


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