BrightTALK POST Connector for Act-On - Getting Started

BrightTALK can automatically pass leads to Act-On using the POST Connector.  Please follow the below steps in order to get set up:

Establishing a Connection 

To set up the integration you'll first need to create a form in Act-On for BrightTALK to connect to.  This can be done by following the steps in this guide.

In addition to including basic contact fields (email, first name, etc.), we also recommend adding the following fields to your form:

Field Name Description
BrightTALK User ID Unique ID for each BrightTALK user
Activity Type The attendance status of a webinar lead- Registration / Live / Recorded
Webcast ID The unique 6-digit ID of a specific webcast. i.e. “123456”


 Note: Since this form will not be publicly facing (i.e. the lead will not see it), the design can be kept fairly basic (Just the fields and a submit button is sufficient).  


Once you've built your form, go  the "Content" tab in Act-On (on the left-hand side) and select "Form Post URLs."  From there, click "Get Form Post URL" and choose the Form you just created:


Click "Create" and then copy down the URL that is displayed:


Once you have the URL, return to BrightTALK to finish the setup.  From the Connectors page of your Demand Central account,  click "Connect" on the Channel you wish to use and select "Connect" under the box labelled "POST Connector."  Then enter your credentials as shown below and click "Continue Setup":



Note: The third option "Sync only paid leads" is optional- when selected, this Connector will only pass leads from your paid lead Campaigns (excluding all Organic and Direct traffic).


Mapping Your Fields

Once you've established a Connection, you can begin identifying the fields you need BrightTALK to update.  Select the BrightTALK field you need on the left, and enter the name of your Act-On field on the right.  For a full list of available BrightTALK fields, please see this Field Glossary


Note:  Field Names for Act-On (entered on the right hand side) are case sensitive and should not contain spaces (i.e. instead of "First Name" do "FirstName"). 


Adding Custom Value Fields (optional)

Custom Value Fields are hard-coded fields that you can include in your sync.  For instance, if you have a field called "Lead Source" and you need every lead BrightTALK sends to include that field with the custom value "BrightTALK." 

Determining a Sync Schedule

Once you've saved your field mappings, you will see an option to select a preferred sync schedule (either hourly, daily, or weekly).  Select one of these options, determine how far back you'd like to sync data and click "Activate Sync."  



Once that's activated, data will begin syncing to Act-On based on your selected schedule.  If you need to make adjustments to this Connector, you can do so at any time from your BrightTALK Demand Central Account.  

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