Marketo Connector: Best Practices and FAQs

The following articles detail best practices and guidelines for leveraging data from your BrightTALK webinars and videos to programs in Marketo. These recommendations will vary from company to company and should be customized to your existing processes.  For information on how to get your connector setup, please see this page.


General FAQs:

How do I set a Lead Source for BrightTALK Leads?

How do I add webinar leads to Marketo Programs?

How do I create Interesting Moments for webinar activity?

Marketo Programs: How to do I set a "No Show" Status?

How do BrightTALK's Connectors de-duplicate? 


Product Specific FAQs:

How do I add Summit Leads to Marketo Programs?

How do I add Intent Leads to Marketo Programs?



Leads are missing in my Marketo

What does "Program Status not found" mean?

What does "Lookup field not supported" mean?

What does "Authentication with Marketing Provider failed" mean?





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