The BrightTALK Embed Overview

Embedding your content prominently on your website is a powerful way to attract viewers, boost engagement and track results.

We have three embed variations available for you to utilize, depending on your marketing needs and preferences:

  • Channel Embed: Add the full BrightTALK channel experience to your website webinars and videos on your website
  • Player or Content Embed: Add a single webinar to your website and track all registration and engagement 
  • Series Embed: Add a series to your website and nurture your audience through a playlist of content
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The process of embedding your channel or content is simple, please find details below:

Channel Embed

1. Generate your embed code and the look and feel Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 18.11.30.png

2. Create content categories or categorization tags 

Categorization tags are a method of embed filtering that you can leverage to better segment your content for a variety of audiences, making it easier for prospects to engage and re-engage with your content.

Please contact your BrightTALK representative to work with you to set up your categorization tags. 

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2. Finalize your embed

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 18.22.21.pngTo ensure correct functionality, please do not make any changes to the embed codes.


Player or Content Embed

1. Generate your embed code and the look and feel 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 18.32.28.png

2. Add a BrightTALK redirect to your embed 

If you are using a BrightTALK embed and would like the promotional emails to direct users to your website, you can set up individual webinar landing page on your website and update the event URL in BrightTALK Central with your newly created page. See the instructions below: 

1. Select the webinar in your Channel via the Manage button    

2. Go to the Edit details section of your webinar   

3. Locate the field labelled "Talk/Replay/Video URL"  
4. Input the link to your website containing the Webinar embed  
5. Submit your changes via the Proceed button


Series Embed

Nurture prospects through curated playlists on your website with the BrightTALK Series Embed 

The BrightTALK Series Embed allows you to engage and enhance new and existing audiences:.

1. Generate your embed code and share it with your dev team 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 18.47.00.png

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