Content replay overview

Replaying content is a great way to build a consistent content cadence without having to produce new content, as well as to drive new engagement and activity to your BrightTALK Channel on a steady basis. Replays function as mock-live webinars, which are promoted to active BrightTALK users. In this way, replays are an essential webinar promotion strategy to leverage alongside producing new content for your Channel. 

From a promotional message standpoint, you can either reuse the webinar’s title, description, tags, and other associated information or update them as desired. We recommend at minimum refreshing your webinar’s title before replaying to optimize new promo potential. You can do so, for example, by integrating a new key takeaway or trend from your webinar into the title or spotlighting an under-represented angle which your original title and description did not cover.

Check out our up-to-date Knowledge Base articles on how to write an effective title and abstract to streamline this process when developing your replay copy. 

From a tactical standpoint, an automated replay can be scheduled from any recorded piece of content in your Channel (not upcoming). Since the self-service replay is intended to be hassle-free without any presence needed from Channel Managers or speakers, there is no added functionality available during the mock-live event.  

If the video for a replay needs to be replaced, this needs to be done on the original piece of content. The new video upload will need to be completed 1 hour before the start time of the replay, in order for the correct video to be played out.

Please note: You can facilitate live Q&A with a replay by scheduling a talk and playing in the video you'd like to replay on the live day. You will need to be present to launch the video at the start of your talk, and once it finishes, your speakers can run a live Q&A session. 


How to replay content


1. To schedule an automated replay, under Replay click Select content. 



2. Select the content you would like to Replay and click Proceed.


3. When scheduling your replay, details such as the title, description, presenter, duration, timezone and tags will all be filled in with the details of the original content that you are replaying. You are always able to change any of these details when or if you need to, as mentioned above. If the original content you are replaying has a survey or attachments then these assets will be copied to your replay when it is created. Select the new time and date for your Replay and click Proceed.

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