Where to find your Pardot API Credentials

Please note: As of February 2021, we now recommend using the full setup guide and video for setting up our Pardot Connector.  That guide can be found here: 




In order for BrightTALK to create leads in your Pardot instance, we will need you to provide the following information:

  1. Consumer Key
  2. Consume Secret
  3. Pardot Business Unit ID
  4. Pardot API Version Number



Where can I find my Consumer Key and Consumer Secret?

Your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret are generated when you setup a "Connected App" in Salesforce.  The steps to do this can be found in the main setup guide here



Where can I find my Pardot Business Unit ID?

Your Pardot Business Unit ID is found in Salesforce and is a slightly different location for Salesforce Classic and Lightning:

  • In Salesforce Classic:  Setup -> (under "Pardot") -> "Assign Admin"
  • In Salesforce Lightning: Setup -> (under "Pardot") -> "Pardot Account Setup"




Where can I find my Pardot API Version Number?

Your Pardot API Version Number is based on whether your Pardot Instance allows you to create multiple prospects with the same email address.  This value is almost always '4' and if you are at all unsure about what version you are on, we recommend defaulting to choosing that value.  


Under what circumstances would my API Version be something other than '4'?

If you are still using a legacy version of Pardot (created before June 14th, 2016), you may need to use Version 3 of the API.  To quickly determine whether or not this applies to you, go to the "Settings" area of your Pardot and on the "Account" tab look for a setting called "Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address."


If this setting is "Disabled" (as shown in the screenshot below), choose Version '3':












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