Salesforce AppExchange Connector: How to Run a Historical Sync

Please follow the below three steps in order to run a historical sync in the Salesforce AppExchange Connector:


Step 1: Choose a Date to Sync Data From

Step 2: Reschedule the Sync for All Connected Channels

Step 3: Run the Historical Sync




Choose a Date to Sync Data From 

Before setting up a Historical Sync, you'll first want to determine how far back in time you want the sync to go. While choosing this date, please keep in mind the following:


-BrightTALK syncs by "Subscriber Date", not by "Webcast Date."  For more information on this, please see this article


-Salesforce restricts the maximum number of leads the API can send to 25,000- so the historical sync will not be able to send any more than that



Reschedule the Sync for Your Connected Channels

Once you've chosen a date, please go to the "BrightTALK Channel" tab of your Salesforce and click on the Channel you need to run the historical sync for.  On that Channel, you'll want to change the dates for all four highlighted fields:



Once those dates are updated, please click "Save."  If you need to run the historical sync for multiple Channels, please repeat this step for each additional Channel.



Run the Historical Sync

To run the historical sync, please to go the "BrightTALK Configuration" tab.  Once there, click the "Reschedule" button and your historical sync will begin to run.  Please note: Salesforce syncs leads in batches and this sync may take up to 24 hours to run (depending on how much data needs to be sent).













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