Connector Troubleshooting: Leads are Missing in My Marketo


If you are using our Marketo Connector and find that leads from BrightTALK are missing in your Marketo, please follow the below steps to resolve:


Step 1: Check Marketo Program Connection

Step 2: Check Program Statuses

Step 3: Run a Historical Sync

Step 4: Check for Errors

Step 5: Identify Missing Leads





Step 1: Are your BrightTALK Webinars Connected to Marketo Programs?


While the Marketo Program connection feature is optional, we highly recommend using it as it is the easiest way to keep track of which leads attended which webinars in Marketo.  To verify, go to your Connector in BrightTALK and take a look at the “Marketo Program” accordion. If your Webinar is connected to a Program, there should be a green flag that says “Connected”:




If instead, you see a grey flag that says “Available,” we recommend connecting that webinar to a Marketo Program.  Please see this guide for more information on how to do this: How to Connect to Your Marketo Programs




Step 2: Are we using the correct Marketo Program Statuses?

When BrightTALK passes a lead to your Marketo Program, we are required to provide a status such as "Registered", "Attended", or "Attended On-demand."  The status BrightTALK sends through must match the statuses in your Marketo, otherwise, the leads will fail to sync.  

To modify BrightTALK's statuses:

1. Go to your Connector and expand the "Marketo Programs" section

2. Click the "Map Program Statuses" link"

3. Modify the statuses as needed:





Step 3: Have you tried running a historical sync?

If you’ve connected your webinars to Marketo programs and you’re still missing leads, it’s possible that you may need to run a historical sync.  For more information on how to do this, please this article: What is a Historical Sync

Note: Before running a historical sync, also double-check you are subscribed to error messages:





Step 4: Are you seeing any errors in the Job History?


If after running a historical sync you are still seeing missing leads, please check whether or not there are errors on your Connector by going to the “Job History” page on your Connector:


If you see red “Error” messages in the Job History, there may be an issue you need to resolve in order to get the Connector working again. Here are some of the common errors we see with articles on how to resolve them:


Error Message (may be exact or similar) Support Article

The bulk job was aborted by the service provider with details 'requestId - 5bc9a538e4b019bd8c256951, message - Unable to find an object from the given ID., providerMessage - Program status 'Attended On-demand' not found'.


Article Link

Authentication with marketing provider failed. Make sure that you have entered the correct credentials.

Article Link

Concurrent access limit '10 reached

Daily quota '100000' reached

Daily quota '50000' reached


Article Link

requestId - 5bb16954e4b0415c9da380e1, message - Unable to find an object from the given ID., providerMessage - Lookup field 'subscribersBrightTALKUserID' not supported

Article Link


Once you've resolved the error messages, you may want to run a historical sync again as described above.




Step 5: Can you identify which leads are missing?


If you've completed Steps 1-3 and you're still missing leads in Marketo, we'll need to identify an example of at least one lead that failed to sync.  To do this, we recommend comparing what you see in Marketo with what you see in either your BrightTALK webinar reports or channel reports. 


Once you've done that, please contact and let them know the email addresses of the leads you're not seeing and that you've already completed steps 1-4 in this guide.








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