Connector Troubleshooting: What does "Program Status not found" mean?

If you are using the "Marketo Programs" feature of the Marketo Connector for the first time, you may receive some variation of the below error message:

The bulk job was aborted by the service provider with details 'requestId - 5bc9a538e4b019bd8c256951, message - Unable to find an object from the given ID., providerMessage - Program status 'Attended On-demand' not found'.

Why am I seeing this?

When you connect your webinar to a Marketo Program in BrightTALK, your Connector will attempt to update the "Program status" of your Marketo Program. Currently, this update supports three different statuses:



-Attended on-demand

If we one of those statuses is missing when we attempt this update, you will see the above error message.

How do I fix this?

To fix this issue, you will need to add the missing status to your Program Channel in Marketo. This can be done by following these steps in the "Admin" section of your Marketo:


1) Select "Tags"



2) Now click the plus sign next to "Channel" and find the Channel you are using for your Marketo Program (for this example, we are using Webinar). Once you find it, double-click that Channel.



4) You can now either add the missing status via "Add Step" or edit and update an existing status to the required value.



5) Once the missing status has been added, you may want to run a historical sync to make sure you are not missing any data.  This article covers how to do this:




For more information on how the Marketo Program connection, please see this article:



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