Marketo Connector: How do I fix 1018 and 603 Errors?

If you are using our Marketo Connector, you may occasionally see alerts in your Marketo instance that look like this:


603_error.png       1018_error.png

While the cause of this errors is slightly different (1018 is caused by the API accessing a locked object and 603 is caused by the API not having the right permissions),  the solution for resolving these errors is the same.

Here's how you can fix this:

  1. In the "Admin" area of your Marketo, select "Users & Roles"

  2. Go to the Roles tab, and edit the Role you are using for BrightTALK's API

  3. Under the "Access API" setting, change the permissions to exactly this (no more, no less):

    Read-Write Person   (or "Lead" depending on the version of your Marketo)
    Read-Write Campaign
    Read-Write Activity
    Read-Write Assets
    Read-Write Custom Object
    Read-Write Custom Object Type
    Read-Write Named Account
    Read-Write Named Account List
    Read-Only Opportunity

  4.  Click "Save" and you should be all set.  

Note:  It can take up to 48 hours for these changes to be reflected by Marketo.  







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