Connectors: How to integrate with multiple Channels

If you own multiple Channels and need to connect them to your Marketing Automation System or CRM, please follow the steps below:



Step 1: Authenticating your new Channel(s)

In order for your BrightTALK Channel to connect to your system, we'll first need to authenticate with it.  This process varies slightly depending on which Connector you are using:


For Marketo, Pardot, and Form POST

If you authenticate with one Channel, BrightTALK will automatically authenticate every Channel you are the Channel Owner for. 


Note 1: Depending on the number of channels that need to be auto-authenticated, this process can take up to 30 minutes.

Note 2: Since there is no actual "authentication" for Form POST, we just copy the credentials over to each of your additional Channels.


For HubSpot, Eloqua, and Salesforce

For these systems, you will need to authenticate each Channel one at a time.  This is due to the OAuth security restrictions these platforms have put in place.  



Step 2: Clone Field Mappings

 BrightTALK can automatically "clone" Field Mappings to every Channel that you are the Channel Owner for.  To do this:

1) Go to the "Fields to Sync" area for the Channel you want to clone mappings from

2) Make any change to the Field Mappings so that the "Save" button appears

3) In the resulting pop-up, click "Save and Clone"




Note:  Depending on the number of Channels you need to clone mappings to, this process can take up to 30 minutes.

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