Connector Troubleshooting: "We are unable to access you Marketo Program"

If you are using our Advanced Marketo Connector and receive the below error message, please follow the steps in this article to resolve:



Step 1: Check the Marketo Program "Type"

Webinars can only be synced to an "Event" Type Program in Marketo and Intent Lead Campaigns can only be synced to a "Default" Type Program.  If the Program you are trying to Connect to is not the correct type, you will receive this error message.  To fix, change the Program (in Marketo) to the correct type. 



Step 2: Have you recently deleted/changed the name of the currently connected Marketo Program? 

The Marketo Program association tool depends on a valid existing Marketo Program in order establish the connection. By deleting a Marketo Program that is currently connected to a webinar, the connection will break. In order to resolve this, please contact and make note of any deletions and/or changes. 





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