HubSpot: Tracking Webinar Attendance

As of May 16th, 2019 BrightTALK Webinars can easily be tracked in HubSpot using the "Activity Message" field.  


This field should be created in your HubSpot instance as a "single-line text" field and then mapped in your BrightTALK Demand Central Account.


This field passes the following values:

-Registered for [Name of your Webinar]

-Viewed [Name of your Webinar] Live

-Viewed [Name of your Webinar] On-Demand


You can then report on BrightTALK webinars at any time using an Active List and the "has ever contained" parameter:



Note: HubSpot Active Lists do not always update in real time.  Please wait at least 3-5 minutes after creating the List before confirming that it has captured the right number of contacts (you may need to refresh your screen).  



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