Pardot: How do I add Summit Leads to a Pardot List?

If you are sponsoring a BrightTALK Summit, a portion of your leads will be "Summit Leads."  These are leads that have attended the Summit, but did not register for or watch your webinar.  


The best and easiest way to keep track of these leads in Pardot is to use a "Dynamic List".  Dynamic Lists in Pardot use "rules" to automatically add leads to the List.  In this sample template, all leads from a Summit called "GDPR: T-Minus 3 Months" will be added to list using the custom BrightTALK property "Context Name" :



Note: The "Context Name" value for your Summit can be found in advance by going to:



2. Clicking "Campaigns" on the left hand side

3. Selecting the "Summit Leads" tab

4. Looking at the values under "Campaign Name."  

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