Connector Troubleshooting: What does "Lookup field not supported" mean?

If you are using the "Marketo Programs" feature of the Marketo Connector for the first time, you may receive some variation of the below error message:


requestId - 5bb16954e4b0415c9da380e1, message - Unable to find an object from the given ID., providerMessage - Lookup field 'subscribersBrightTALKUserID' not supported


This error occurs because the "BrightTALK User ID" field is not set up correctly in your Marketo instance.  In order for the Marketo Programs feature to work, this field needs to be set up as an "Integer" field type as explained here:



To fix this error:

1) Go to the Admin area of your Marketo:



2) Select "Field Management" from the left-hand navigation:



3) Use the search box on the right-hand side to find your BrightTALK User ID field (note you may have labelled it differently) and then click the "Field Actions" drop-down and select "Change Type":



Note: If you are already using the BrightTALK User ID field in active Smart Campaigns, Marketo will not let you change the field type. In this instance, we recommend either removing this field from those Campaigns until you make this update or creating a new BrightTALK User ID field with the correct field type.


4) Change the field type to 'Integer':



Note: This will clear any data currently held in this field, so you may want to run a historical sync of your data after making this change.  Information on how do that can be found here:





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