Series: How do I manage my episodes in my Connector?

If you are using our self-service Connectors, this article will advise you on how to best track and report on the lead activities in your Series.  To achieve the highest ROI, we recommend following a two-part approach:


Part 1: Reporting on the individual episodes/content

While it's tempting to consider rolling all episodes/content into a single campaign or list, we strongly advise against this.  The reason is that for each individual session, you will likely want to know things like which leads registered and which leads viewed, which will be impossible if you consolidate all of the interactions together under one umbrella.  To make sure you are configured correctly to do this, please select the appropriate article from the below list:

Part 2: Reporting on the overall series

For general reporting on the overall series, we recommend doing at least one of the below steps:

  1. Following the steps in part 1 and then simply rolling whatever lists/campaigns/programs you create into a single "master" or "parent" version of that grouping.
  2. In addition, if you need a simple way to group your content, you can use the "Campaign reference" field.  This is an open text field located on the scheduling form for each webcast.  By adding the same value to each webcast in the Series (i.e. "Security Series 2022"), you can then group by that value in your Marketing automation system/CRM.







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