How can I tell how many people registered for my webinar?

There are three different ways to see how many people have registered for your content on BrightTALK, please see below. 

Increasing registration with FastReg

In an era where every customer and prospective buyer is inundated with content and promotions, our FastReg functionality guarantees you’ll remove obstacles to converting prospects to engaged leads for your webinar content.

Customers leveraging FastReg are seeing a massive increase in conversions from their outbound marketing promotions: - An increase of 300% in their registrations using FastReg vs their usual promotions - A form completion rate range across promotions of 12-43% (the industry average is between 2-11%) - A decrease in emails sent to achieve registrations of up to 10x.

Make sure to enable FastReg in your Channel to optimize promotions and boost registration. 


Option 1: From your Channel "Content" page, look at the number under "Pre-registrations"

Option 2: 
From that same page, click "Manage" next to your content and look at the "Dashboard":


Option 3: From the same page as Option 2, click on "Audience reports" and download the "Activity log" for Pre-registrants:

In an effort to enrich and improve our data, an update was made to our data processes. Viewer numbers in analytics and reports will be visible 30-45 minutes after the live webinar ends.




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