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If you are using the BrightTALK embed, categorization tags are a method of embed filtering that Channel Owners can leverage to better segment their content for a variety of audiences. 

How do categorization tags work?

Categorization tags are hierarchical – there is the category itself and then there are selectable values under that category.  For instance, you may have a primary category called "Region" and under that category have values for "Americas", "EMEA", and "APAC". 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 18.57.12.png

How do I set up categorization tags for my channel?

To set up categorization tags for your channel, please use the support ticket form in BrightTALK Central or speak directly with your BrightTALK rep, who can happily support you with adding categorization tags. 

You'll need to specify what to call your categories and also the values that go under each category.

If you choose to update or change your categorization tags you will need to switch out your old embed code with the new embed code.


How do I tag my content into categories?

Once categorization tags are configured for your channel, you will see them on the scheduling forms for Talks, Replays, and Videos: 


Where do the categories appear for the audience? 

Once categories are configured for your channel, you'll need to generate a "channel listing embed" from the “Embed and promote" page (under Settings).  You'll see now in the embed code that the categories show up as filterable options:  

BrightTALK-Channel Embed - 1 (2).png


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