HubSpot: Using Webcast History to Add Leads to a Salesforce Campaign

If you are using HubSpot's integration with Salesforce in conjunction with the BrightTALK Connector for HubSpot, you can use a Workflow to add leads to a Salesforce Campaign with the correct status. 


Below is a template that utilizes the custom field "Activity History" to both enroll and re-enroll the leads in the workflow:





Please note:

  • The "No" branch on the "362644-Registered" action is critical.  This will ensure that only leads from this specific webinar are added to your Salesforce Campaigns.

  • The second screenshot notes the "Re-enrollment" criteria which is also critical for making this Workflow operate correctly.  To set the re-enrollment criteria, click on the "Enrollment Criteria" box in your Workflow, then select "Change re-enrollment options" on the right-hand side.

  • This method uses Webcast ID.  If you'd prefer to use Webcast Title, please see this article.



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