What does the Campaign Reference field do?

This article covers the following topics about the Campaign Reference field (which is sometimes referred to as "Webcast Client Booking Reference"):


What is the Campaign Reference field?

What is this field used for?

How can I report on this field?




What is the Campaign Reference field? 


The Campaign Reference field is a free text field visible when a Webinar, Video, or Replay is created or edited on BrightTALK:





What is the Campaign Reference field used for?


This field can be used for multiple things:

1) If you are using the Salesforce Connector: This field is used to route the leads from this webinar, video, or replay to the correct Salesforce Campaign.  More information on how this works can be found here.

2) This field can be used for anything you want.  Since it's free text, some Customers find it helpful to add Campaign Codes or other values that may be shared by multiple webinars.  For instance, if you have a series of webinars focused on "Fintech", you may put "Q4 Fintech Campaign" in the Campaign Reference field for all webinars that apply


How can I report on this field?

If you'd like to download a report containing the Campaign Reference values for all of your current webinars, videos, and replays, you can do so by going to the "Channel reports" tab in your Channel and generating the report called "Activity report" or "All activities log".






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