9 Tips for Running a Successful BrightTALK Channel

Great responsibility rests on a Channel Manager’s shoulders. From ensuring that your presenters have all the information that they need to managing each webinar that runs on your BrightTALK Channel, your role is a busy and crucial one.

To make your job easier, in this article we have compiled nine tips for running a successful Channel. These insights concern the processes key to content development, promotion and more. Let’s dive in!

#1: Create a mix of content

By offering a mix of content lengths and styles on your Channel, you can tap into a variety of viewing preferences and behaviors. The result? You’ll have more viewers in number and more engaged viewers.  Visit our Knowledge Base article on webinar lengths to ensure that you strike an appropriate balance for your intended audience.

#2: Set a consistent content cadence

Setting a consistent schedule of webinars for your Channel makes you a reliable source of information for professionals. We recommend publishing six or more pieces of content each quarter to boost your engagement and build your Channel subscribers.

#3: Take the time to promote

You put so much time into creating a standout webinar. Ensuring that it attracts the right audience also takes time. To see the best results from your promotions, we suggest that you publish promo content at least eight weeks before the live date.

To supplement the recurring promotions running within the BrightTALK platform, we recommend executing your own, internal email marketing campaign by promoting relevant BrightTALK content to your lists – which affords you the ability to drive new users not yet subscribed to your Channel. Promoting your webinar content to new users in this way will help you further grow your BrightTALK audience health, improve channel sustainability and drive new activity-based leads to your content.

#4: Optimize the registration process

The busy professionals that you’re working to engage with your webinar do not have time for a cumbersome registration process. But how can you simplify the process while collecting the information that you need to increase email conversions? Leverage BrightTALK’s FastReg for one-click registrations.

#5: Select ten topic tags for your webinars

Yes, a webinar should be informative, timely and engaging. But it should also be easy to find. To make your webinars easier to find within BrightTALK – or on popular search engines – you can harness the power of BrightTALK topic tags when scheduling your webinar. Simply fill out the Tags field by adding ten specific and relevant keywords about the webinar.

#6: Connect BrightTALK engagement data to your CRM

We know that when you identify quality leads, you want to convert them ASAP. To support that mission, BrightTALK makes it possible for you to sync lead and engagement data to your CRM tool. That way, you can have the information that you need exactly where you need it.

#7: Add the BrightTALK embed to your website

You want to keep traffic on your website to facilitate and grow engagement with your brand. Step in the BrightTALK embed, which allows you to have your Channel directly on your website. Add the embed to your website and support your engagement goals.

#8: Review audience feedback

By reviewing your audience’s feedback and ratings, you can understand how viewers perceived the quality and relevance of your webinar’s speaker(s) and subject(s). These are valuable insights that you can apply to your future projects – and you can easily access that feedback in the BrightTALK platform.

#9: Avoid canceling webinars

Canceling a webinar dissuades viewers from attending your future webinars. So, even if you think that your audience won’t be very large, run the webinar anyway. Doing so will generate a valuable recording for your archive and foster brand trust and loyalty within the viewers that do attend. 

We hope that these strategies support and guide you as you evaluate the existing content on your BrightTALK Channel and plan your future webinars. And for more insights about supercharging your Channel, explore BrightTALK Academy and the BrightTALK Learning Center.

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