Promoting your BrightTALK content

We strongly encourage you to promote your content to your network!

Outside of webinar replays and recurring promotions running within the BrightTALK platform, executing your own, internal email marketing campaign by targeting your lists with relevant BrightTALK content affords you the ability to drive new users not yet subscribed, and their subsequent activity, to your BrightTALK channel. Promoting your webinar content to new users in this way will help you further grow your BrightTALK audience health, improve channel sustainability, and drive new activity-based leads to your content. So, how do you get started?


We share our established best practices for composing creative and engaging titles, subject lines, and abstract copy in the following two articles: How to write an effective title & How to write an effective webinar abstract or description. While the tactics in these pieces speak to BrightTALK syndication information, as well, the best practices contained therein are equally applicable to your own marketing efforts.

To get you started, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Integrate Name or Company personalizations into both email copy and subject lines if your marketing platform has the capability to do so. 
  2. Email Copy:
    • Write a concise message that focuses on your audience’s pain points and clearly explains how this webinar session or series will aid a viewer in resolving said pain points or challenges.
    • Ensure email copy is approachable and easy-to-read with formatting elements (i.e. bullets, bolding, italics) and by breaking up long paragraphs/walls of text.  
    • Include a call to action (CTA).
    • Spotlight speaker info, analyst expertise (if applicable), research data, and current statistics. 
  3. Subject Lines:
    • Less is more: Keep email SLs to 60 characters or less.
    • Frontload the most critical keywords to the left so your most important words—for example, your brand name or central topic of discussion—are highly visible.
    • Tease what’s in the email copy versus giving all the info away at the outset.
    • Cut through the end users’ noisy inboxes by employing eye-catching action verbs, numbers & listicles, how-tos, questions, stats, and vs./comparison angles. 

From a campaign construction perspective, focus your emailing efforts on higher-priority webinars and/or series so you drive the maximum amount of traffic to the sessions that are of utmost importance to you. For example, if you’re running an upcoming event, message your audience a few weeks ahead of that event’s live date to introduce the topic of discussion. Then, email your audience every week leading up to that event, leveraging increasingly urgent messaging (such as, “last chance to register!”). This is just one of many methods to use in your email marketing efforts and will aid you on your journey to boosting your BrightTALK Channel’s audience engagement.  

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