Content scheduling best practices

When it comes to publishing your webinar, the biggest consideration you should have in mind is planning your promotion for the talk well in advance of the webinar going live to your audience.

Posting it in a hurry without adequate time to build anticipation and for your intended audience to set aside time to attend will result in poor engagement for your webinar. We suggest starting promotions 8+ weeks out from the webinar live or mock-live day.

So, focus on your promotion strategy first and then publish your webinar once you’ve built excitement for your talk. One example of this strategy is sending “coming soon” promotional copy to your contacts to hype up the anticipation of your forthcoming talk, spotlighting the date and time zone of the live session—so, as mentioned belove, potential viewers can plan to attend accordingly—highlight expert speakers (if any), share agenda items, and the alike. We provide a bevy of copywriting best practices, to this end, in our FAQ post “How do I write effective abstract copy?” Check out this post for more details.

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