Audience questions overview

Audience questions are a great way to interact with your audience! 

We suggest that presenter(s) ask for questions from the audience during introductions or when they start presenting. This allows the audience to ask questions when they are fresh in their minds and gives the presenter(s) the opportunity to answer throughout or at the end of the presentation, depending on their preference. 

If there are any questions or comments that the presenter(s) are not able to get to, they are able to follow up via. email after the webinar.

Ahead of presenting, we suggest having a few canned questions to get the discussion following and encourage viewers to participate in asking questions!


How do I manage live audience questions during my talk?

To see incoming questions from your live audience, navigate to the Questions menu item on the right hand side of the presenter screen: 


Managing live audience questions 

It is easy to get overwhelmed when receiving a large number of audience questions during a live talk. Prioritizing and marking questions as answered can help to maintain focus on the highest priority questions:

  • Questions are divided into 3 collapsable sections: Prioritized, Active, and Answered
  • New questions will appear under Active
  • All questions are sorted by time (newest first) 
  • Prioritizing a question (prioritize.png) will move it to the top and highlight it in light green
  • Marking a question as answered (answered.png) will move it to the bottom of the list
  • You can deprioritize (deprioritize.png) and mark a question as unanswered (unanswered.png), as needed 

PLEASE NOTE: Audience members cannot see submitted questions, only the presenters can, so it is important to ask them out loud before answering to provide full context.

The audience is able to submit written questions throughout the live webinar. All questions will come up on the “Questions from audience” section on the presenter screen:


You can prioritize questions by ticking the “Prioritize” box to move them up to the top. You can also mark them as answered once you have answered them. All questions from the audience will be anonymous, and they cannot see questions that other people are submitting, so please read each question aloud before it answering to provide the rest of the audience some context.


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