Audience questions overview (Q&A)

Audience questions are a great way to interact with your audience! 
Hosting a meaningful Q&A session with your audience creates additional touchpoints and opportunities to pique a prospect's interest in your products, solutions, and company. This engagement strategy can effectively guide prospects further down the marketing funnel.

The updated BrightTALK Q&A enables you to engage directly with prospects through the one-on-one Q&A chat capabilities. Highlights of the update include: 

  • Presenters and/or observers are now able to directly respond to audience questions and engage in conversation through one-on-one chat.
  • Available for all live webinars and managed replays
  • All Q&A data will appear in BrightTALK Central reporting 

Q&A best practices to consider:

  • Designate a subject matter expert, sales representative, or member of your marketing team to administer questions during the webinar. This individual can curate and directly respond to questions, enabling the presenter(s) to concentrate on delivering their presentation effectively.
  • Ahead of presenting, we suggest having a few canned (i.e., pre-determined) questions to get the discussion flowing and encourage viewers to participate in asking questions!
  • Prepare related materials and talking points in advance to swiftly address questions. Having these resources readily available enables you to efficiently respond to inquiries by copying and pasting relevant information into the Q&A response box. 
  • Discuss potential questions with presenters ahead of time, and determine what types of questions the team is comfortable answering in a live setting. If certain questions are better handled in a follow-up, you want to know that upfront.
  • Encourage audience participation by prompting them to send in questions throughout the webinar. This fosters engagement and ensures a lively Q&A session. 
  • Intentionally leave time at the end of the webinar for Q&A – and remind audience members about this during the webinar.
  • Avoid engaging in prolonged back-and-forth exchanges during the webinar. Instead, consider scheduling follow-up calls with a sales representative for more in-depth discussions. This approach ensures that the webinar remains focused and efficient, while also providing opportunities for further engagement beyond the live session.
  • If there are any questions or comments that the presenter(s) or observer(s) can’t get to, we suggest that they follow up via email after the webinar. Once your webinar is complete, all Q&A data is available in your channel for you to easily follow up with audience members that asked questions.

Extend the lifespan of your content and maximize your ROI by incorporating Q&A sessions into your webinars

Replay existing content with live Q&A:
Get more out of your content and prompt valuable interaction with your target audience. We suggest that you clearly state that there will be a live Q&A at the end of the session.

English content with local language Q&A:
Adopt a localized approach to cater to your audience's preferences. Be sure to communicate the availability of live local language Q&A sessions clearly ahead of the presentation.

Sales & marketing:
Utilize the expertise of your sales and marketing team to drive engagement and nurture prospects effectively. Encourage their involvement as observers during sessions, enabling them to answer audience questions and facilitate further follow-up, guiding prospects through the marketing funnel. Your team can join as observers and answer any questions asked by the audience. 

For credit or education programs, leverage the Q&A function to enhance the educational experience. Ensure comprehensive support by providing additional answers and assistance as needed, fostering a conducive learning environment.

Can I use the Q&A chat functionality with any type of webinar?
To utilize the one-to-one chat functionality, it's essential to host a live webinar or a managed replay.

That said, we highly recommend prompting your audience for questions during the session. This allows you to follow up with them via email afterwards, ensuring continued engagement and fostering valuable connections.

Where do I reply to questions?
You'll find the questions and answer box in the same familiar location on the right side of the presenter screen, now enhanced with a response option.

Can I follow up with another question or answer after I’ve responded?
Yes. The Q&A chat allows you to have a back-and-forth conversation directly with the audience member who asked a question.  

Who can respond to questions?
Both presenters and observers can answer questions from the audience with the one-on-one Q&A chat function. 

Will the rest of the audience be able to see who asked a question?
No. Only presenters and observers (someone in the back end who intends to assist the presenter) can see who asked a question.

Will the audience be able to see who is responding to a question?
The audience member who sent in the question will be able to see who responded to their question.

How do I manage live audience questions? 
Prioritizing and marking questions as answered can help to maintain focus on the highest priority questions:

  • Questions are divided into 2 tabs: Active and Answered
  • New questions will appear under Active
  • All questions are sorted by time (newest first) 
  • Prioritizing a question will move it to the top and highlight it in light green
  • Marking a question as answered () will move it to the answered tab
  • You can deprioritize and mark a question as unanswered (), as needed 

PLEASE NOTE: Audience members cannot see submitted questions, only the presenters can, if you chose to answer a question out loud to your audience, it is important to ask the question out loud before answering to provide full context.

The audience is able to submit written questions throughout the live webinar. All questions will come up on the “Questions from audience” section on the presenter screen.

Can I map audience question data through my connector? What will the data look like in my BrightTALK reports? 
Yes, you can map the question and answer field to your CRM tool. The data will have both the question asked as well as the answer given.

Can I see the questions and answers from my Q&A chat after my webinar?
As a channel manager or owener, you will be able to access all of your Q&A data in BrightTALK Central. You also have the ability to map this data to your chosen CRM. 


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