Webinar presentations & slides overview

Although a presentation is not required to present a webinar, a presentation is helpful when you are explaining and discussing data or technical topics. 

  • You can upload your slides at any time from within the presenter screen. If you've already uploaded slides, you'll need to remove them in order to upload a different set of slides.
  • If you have more than one presenter for your webinar, you'll need to combine your slide into one file, before uploading to the presenter screen.
  • Slide format  
    • File format: PPT
    • Max size: 100MB
    • Recommended ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
    • Max resolution: 1920x1080px
    • Font support: Microsoft Core Fonts* and GoogleFonts** (unless embedded, see below)
    • Builds and animations supported


Uploading your slides: 

1. At the bottom of the presenter screen, click Slides, followed by Add slides to select a PPT file and begin the upload process.


2. Once slides are uploaded, you can preview them in the slides carousel. When you're ready to present them to your audience, click on the relevant slide to proceed.


3. To advance your slides, use the green arrow buttons located on the bottom of the presenter screen; or Jump to slide, if you had a specific slide in mind.  


4. Once you're finished presenting your slides, click End slides to revert the room back to your webcam. You can return back to the slides at any point during your live talk. 

If you need to replace your slides, click Slides, followed by Remove slides. You'll then be able to add a new PowerPoint file. 



Presentations & slides FAQ

  • I have custom fonts, what do I do? 
    Custom fonts will look different when uploaded to your talk (please review supported fonts above). When using an unsupported font, we will attempt to substitute the font for the closest matching font available. Embedding fonts in your presentation can help resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can use screen share to present slides.
  • Why did my slide upload fail? 
    Ensure that the file is not saved as 'Read only', locked for editing, password-protected or has any type of access restrictions. If you're unable to upload the deck for any other reason, consider flattening the deck (saving slides as images) or using screen share instead. 
  • Is embeddable content (video/audio/hyperlinks) playable? 
    Embeddable content is not playable in slides. Consider using video play-ins during your live talk.
  • How can I reduce the file size of my slides? 
    If your PPT file is over 100MB, you can compress images to reduce the file size.
  • Who has control over the presenting screen when multiple presenters are involved?

    Each presenter has equal control over every feature of the BrightTALK player. When presenting, it is recommended to have a brief meeting prior to the live day to determine which presenter will control the slides, questions and votes.

  • Presentation animations, builds and links:

    • The BrightTALK platform supports animations and builds, but links will not function

    • You can use the 'Attachments' feature to create clickable links for your audience which are tracked in your reports.


* Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana and Webdings.

** Visit Google Fonts page for a list of 1,000+ open source fonts.

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