Scheduling content: can I pre-record a webinar?

Yes, you can pre-record a webinar before posting on the BrightTALK platform. You can schedule a webinar as a practice/private event which will not be listed in your Channel for subscribers to view or register for. After completing your live webinar, you can choose to publish the webinar as a public event, making it available for on-demand attendance or you can schedule a webinar replay, which will set the content to play as live to your audience.  

There are several reasons you might want to pre-record a webinar, including: 

  • Allowing extra time to troubleshoot production issues (like audio problems) or presenter nerves 
  • Balance scheduling easier across regions without a negative impact on viewership 
  • The ability to re-record or edit segments that didn’t work the first time around 
  • Adding in visuals, subtitles, or other elements that aid in the viewer experience but might be difficult to execute in real-time 

Overall, pre-recording webinars can often result in higher quality content since there is less stress on presenters and the production team as opposed to when a webcast is live. Instead, you can spend the time before you post your talk optimizing the experience for your audience. 

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