Channel branding

Within your Channel settings, you can update the Channel branding (information below). 

  • Channel name – give your Channel a catchy name is 45 characters or less. This will be displayed to your target audience, so we suggest trying to make it short, descriptive and self-explanatory  
  • Channel description – explain why someone would want to interact with your Channel and watch your content
  • Channel tagline  - give your Channel a catchy tagline is 70 characters or less. This is a great place to share what your channel is about
  • Channel topics - use relevant keywords so that BrightTALK’s AI can use them to distribute your content to professionals that are viewing similar topics and content
  • Company logo - make sure to upload your company logo to keep your brand front and centre 

Our HTML5 player cannot be customised or re-skinned. You can embed our player or your entire Channel on your own website, but the player display will remain the same in all instances. 

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