BrightTALK Embed FAQ

Boost engagement and extend the value of your content with the BrightTALK embed.

BrightTALK has made some exciting updates to the BrightTALK Embed that enhance the look and feel of your embedded page and allow for additional customization. 

  • Modern look and feel with color customization that will look at home on any website
  • Player ”sidebar” integrates new FastReg and FastPass capabilities directly
  • Includes: 
    • Updated channel embed 
    • Updated player embed 
    • NEW Series embed with the series feed sidebar 

Having the BrightTALK embed allows you to add the BrightTALK experience to your website with a single line of code (like YouTube player) and track all registrations and engagement with BrightTALK webinars and videos on your website.

  • Clients that utilize the embed on average see a 106% uplift in total engagement
  • The BrightTALK Channel embed automatically updates as events are scheduled, move from upcoming to live, and then to on-demand
  • Embedding your webinar and video content directly on your website provides your target audience with a seamless researching experience and maximizes their time on your website


Will I have to update my Embed?

  • No, the look and feel of the embed automatically updated on January 22nd, 2024.

    There are some new and exciting customizations you can now add to your embed depending on the embed you have chosen – including color customization, adding featured content, choosing the language of your embed and creating embed categories (channel embed only).

    If you update or change the main color of your embed it will automatically update.

    If you update or change the featured content, language or categorization tags, you will need to switch out your existing embed code for the new code provided.

What size is the new channel/webinar Embed?

  • The embed is responsive so will work on any size screen with a max width of 1440px

I see that is bigger than my current Embed, is that going to make the design of the page look weird? Will I have to get my web dev team to do something?

  • It’s a responsive design so it will automatically adjust to the size of the user’s browser. As such sizing and website layout is not an issue.

Will this embed perform better than the old Embed?

  • The embed adopts the best practices of our optimized player pages, and reduces the number of clicks-to-engagement from the old embed - as such it will be more performant than the old embed. 

What customizations are available?

  • You can pick the featured content, language, tags and the color of the buttons

What if I don't use the color customization?

  • The default button color is a neutral grey, same as the previous embed.

How do I use the Embed categorization tags?

  • You can request these be added to your channel through your CSM or Support and then content can be tagged against them in the content booking form. 

How to format your embed URL?

URLs always have to follow the format:

  • protocol://domain.tld/filename.ext?param1=foobar&param2=foobar#anchor 

For example: won't work, because the #anchor is before the ?param.

Instead, it should be: 

Other things to note: There must always be only one question mark, and it must always be placed immediately after the filename (index.html in the above example).  You would append additional parameters using ampersands (&).


Can I embed a BrightTALK player in my "responsive" mobile website?

If you use our new HTML5 embeds, you can embed them into your responsive website. The player will resize for the optimum viewing experience.

HTML5 embeds offer:

  • HTML5 first
  • Faster loading
  • Smarter channel listing and navigation
  • Improved Registration / Login
  • Flexible embedding
  • Mobile optimised experience
  • Multi format add to calendar
  • Supports language localisation 
  • Advanced media playback and streaming
  • Multiple formats supported 

To locate your embed codes, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on the "Promotion" tab in your channel manager area
  • Step 2: Click on the "Invite your network" tab on the left
  • Step 3: Click on "Preview and get code" next to the embed you want to use, copy and paste into your page. 

For more information about obtaining an HTML5 embed, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager.


Why can't I find a specific webinar within the embed options?  
Here are some tips for understanding why some webinars do not appear in the list of embed options:

  • To embed a webinar, the content must be set to Public webcast within Edit details
  • Additionally, you may need to change the publish settings from within Edit details to Published
  • After that is done you will be able to find the embed code for this webinar.

If I embed my Channel on my website, is it automatically updated each time I schedule an event?

Yes, the BrightTALK Channel embed automatically updates as events are scheduled. As their status changes, they are automatically moved from upcoming to live, and then to on-demand.


How do I redirect users to my website if I am using a BrightTALK embed?

If you are using a BrightTALK embed and would like the channel promotional emails to direct users to your website, you can choose between a fully automated channel embed or individual single webinar options:

  • Set up a Channel embed on your website and contact for full channel embed redirection. No further action is needed going forward! The new webinar URL will always be your website page with the Channel embed.


  • Set up individual webinar landing page on your website and update the event URL in BrightTALK Central with your newly created page. See the instructions below:

1. Select the webinar in your Channel via the Manage button  

2. Go to the Edit details section of your webinar   

3. Locate the field labelled "Talk/Replay/Video URL"  
4. Input the link to your website containing the Webinar embed  
5. Submit your changes via the Proceed button


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