BrightTALK Channel Emails  

As part of your BrightTALK Channel license, you have control over the design and sending "transactional emails" that go out to your audience based on certain actions/activities (such as registration). This guide will walk you through what those emails are and how you can edit/update them.


What are the different transactional emails?

As mentioned, there are different transactional emails that can be updated/edited, as well as one additional "global" email that can be enabled or disabled (but not edited).  Here is a quick breakdown of what those emails are:

The BrightTALK email service includes the following types of emails: 

  • Subscription confirmation: Confirmation email notification to welcome each person that subscribes to your channel (one time send).
  • Registration confirmation: A single email confirming the webcast details that your subscribers register to attend.
  • 24 hour reminder: An email reminder sent 24hrs before a live webcast, to those subscribers that have registered to attend.
  • Starting now: A single email reminder sent 15 minutes before the webcast goes live, to draw in those subscribers that registered to attend.
  • Sorry we missed you: Sent out to any user who registered for an upcoming event but did not attend live.  Will include the recording of the content and is usually sent about 30 minutes after the live event concludes (although this can vary based on the length of the live content).
  • Thanks for attending: Sent out to all users who watched the content live.  Is sent exactly 24 hours after the live event concludes.
  • Talk is cancelled: A single email to those subscribers that had registered to attend a webcast informing them of a webcast cancellation.
  • Talk is rescheduled: A single email to those subscribers that had registered to attend a webcast informing them of the rescheduling of a webcast.
  • BrightTALK Weekly Update: An email that all BrightTALK users receive once a week that includes a list of recommended content for them to register/view.  This is not an editable template- but by disabling it, you can exclude your Channel's content from this email.  

Please note that these emails are only sent to BrightTALK users that have agreed to receive them. If you don’t want your Channel to benefit from the email service, simply un-select it on the ‘Channel emails’ page.

Channel Owners have the option of switching these emails on and off, as well as creating custom templates and sending tests before they are activated. 

If you'd like to add any images to your emails, please be sure to upload the image onto your server, locate the link and add into the HTML of the email using the <img> tag.


 How do I edit those emails?  Can I use my own template?

BrightTALK allows all emails except for the "BrightTALK weekly update" to be customized or disabled.  


Can I turn off any of the email notifications in the BrightTALK email service for my channel?

Yes, you can turn off any emails that you do not want to utilize, although this is not recommended.

By providing automated emails to your channel subscribers you significantly improve webinar registration and attendance. Turning off these emails reduces your touch points with your registrants.

To disable an email, go to the channel management area for your channel. Then, select the Promotion tab. On the left, you'll see a link "BrightTALK email service". If you go there, you'll see a list of all the emails that you channel sends. Look for the email you want to disable and choose Edit. On that page, there will be a button to "Switch off" the email.

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