Rescheduling a webinar

Yes, you can reschedule a webinar but we suggest that you try not to do this last minute. Rescheduling a webinar close to the date or cancelling dissuades viewers from coming to future webinars. Even if you don’t think your audience will be very large, run the webinar anyway because you will generate a valuable recording for the archive.  

How to reschedule your webinar

To reschedule a webinar, you'll need to 'Manage' the webinar in your Channel and go to 'Edit details' in order to change the start date and/or time.

If you have enabled the email service for your Channel, an automatic rescheduled notification email with be sent to those subscribers that have pre-registered to attend this webinar.

If you are not a Channel Owner and are speaking as a thought leader, please contact your main point of contact to request a date & time change for your webinar.

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