Presenting a webinar: ending your webinar

When you are finished and have informed your audience of the end of the webinar, press the ‘End Presenting’ button - you will be asked to confirm this request. 

Prior to ending the webinar, it is a good idea to promote your next webinar, ask your audience to rate the presentation and highlight the attachments in the attachments section. Once a webinar is over, your audience will be disconnected. If presenters wish to stay on the line to debrief, they can do so for up to five minutes after the webinar ends.


What happens if I click the “End Presenting” by accident?

Clicking the “End Presenting” button will end your live webinar presentation. 

Depending on how far along you are into the live presentation when you clicked to end it, we may be able to: 

  • Re-schedule your talk and email the audience about the new webinar date & time. Please note that not all of the pre-registrants from your 1st webinar attempt will make it to the 2nd webinar. 
  • Provide you with the MP4 file of the 1st webinar to allow you to edit this file, so we can upload the updated version and make it available for the on-demand audiences.

Before you decide which option to go with, it’s best to first talk to your Customer Success Manager to discuss your options. You can also reach BrightTALK Support using the Support Tab on your Channel.

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